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  • Grace

    March 14, 2024 at 12:27 pm

    Hi Everyone! My name is Grace and I am a Donor Engagement Assistant at Vision House by day, and Fundraising and Communications Assistant at Camas Meadows Bible Camp by night!

    I’m a busy bee and not a morning person, so my alarm and a fear of being late to work get me out of bed! Okay, not just that. My driving passion is to help others, especially teens because I remember how hard those years were. I live in the greater Seattle area, so of course hiking is a must, as well as being a lover of reading, crochet, and writing. And if those don’t get me out of bed, the hungry cat sure does!

    Right now I’m revamping the thanking process for my Camp job, which has been so much fun! Before I came on board, the organization was stretched thin, so it’s been cool to put together a donor engagement program and get on top of communications and building connections. I’ve taken advice from lots of the old TT videos as I work to catch up on ones I haven’t seen yet!

    So happy to join this community of fundraisers!