Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members

Most board members fear fundraising.

This video series is an easy way to help your board members to better connect with potential donors. There are eleven short videos for you to watch and share with your board members.

Click on each link below to download the specific resource mentioned in the videos:

If you'd like your board members to have a "cheat sheet" of the steps to crafting better stories, then get the book this video series is based on.  You can get it at the link below:

Book - "Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members"

If you would like to immerse yourself, with other like minded people, then come to this year's Nonprofit Storytelling Conference.  It's a place where you can take a deep dive into how to use storytelling to raise more money and better engage your community. Click the link below for more information.

Nonprofit Storytelling Conference ... more info