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  • Quick Hits — Make your next event your BEST event

    Posted by Joshua on February 7, 2024 at 5:51 pm

    The pandemic completely flipped the script on event fundraising. Or did it? Whether your event is in person, virtual or hybrid, the most successful events still have a powerful story at their core.

    Here are some of the NPSC’s favorite resources for organizing a really successful fundraising event. Where do you go for the latest and greatest in event fundraising? Let us know by commenting below ????

    Fundraising Elevator — The single best podcast on event fundraising out there. Hosted by two members of the NPSC Speaker Fam Kristin Steele and Samantha Swaim

    Surprise and Delight Your Event Donors — Shanon Doolittle at her finest … sharing tips and strategies to help you steward those event donors so well they become lifetime fans.

    Gala Themes Goldmine@ChrisDavenport‘s FREE book includes more than 2,400 themes and ideas for your next fundraising event. It’s an essential read before you plan your next event. And bonus: it’s got worksheets and action guides for engaging your board in your event fundraising and securing sponsorships.

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