Day 5: Rewrite your thank you note

  • Day 5: Rewrite your thank you note

    Posted by Joshua on February 23, 2024 at 1:22 am

    Pop quiz: when was the last time you re-wrote the thank you letter you send donors?

    Answer: Today!

    Here’s your task for today.

    First, check out Shanon Doolittle’s fabulous Tactical Thursdays ‘Tips for Heartfelt Thank You Letters.’


    Then, use her framework to re-write your thank you letter.  Bonus points for sprinkling in the 9 moral adjectives!

    Once you’re done, drop your rewritten TY copy in the comments.  And reply to the TY notes of two of your peers!

    Shanon’s Framework for a Perfect Thank You Letter

    Paragraph 1: Celebration
    Paragraph 2: Short Story
    Paragraph 3: Invitation

    The 9 Moral Adjectives

    Kind, Caring Compassionate, Helpful, Friendly, Fair, Hard-working, Generous, Honest

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